Seven Elements for Self-Empowerment
Heather Wagenhals, author and personal finance expert, has spent years working to empower others with her special blend of personal finance and wealth building techniques, as validated in the success from publishing her past Yes You Can! with contributions from the late Jim Rohn and Dr. Warren Bennis. Now Heather is expanding her original work to challenge individuals in
The 7
Elements for Self-Empowerment: Yes You Can! 2.0 , Heather identifies the best way to begin any new project or improve any area of your life!

In this book you will learn:

  • What are the seven elements that go into self-empowerment?
  • Perform elemental challenges that have you apply each element to your life right now.
  • Which element is optional, and learn which element we just can't live without.

In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, Covey identified one of the most important habits is to sharpen the saw. When you need to revisit your foundation, you must use The Seven Elements for Self Empowerment Yes You Can 2.0 to accomplish that successfully.

Once you begin to familiarize yourself with the Seven Elements you will notice it can be applied to every area of your life personally and professionally. Give yourself the best chance for success by starting your project or life out using the Seven Elements for yourself. Reap the benefits others readers have and dive in to The Seven Elements for Self Empowerment Yes You Can 2.0 and start enjoying the positive outcomes you so richly deserve.

What's included?

26 Audios
Heather Wagenhals
Heather Wagenhals
Course Creator

About the instructor

Native Phoenician Heather Wagenhals empowers women to achieve personal and professional success through her best-selling books, workshops, radio talk show, articles, national television appearances, and keynote speeches.

 Growing up from humble beginnings in Arizona, Heather knew one thing was sure; she was the only one responsible for her success. Heather devoured every book on personal and professional development, studied business and investing, found great mentors, and went forth to set the world on fire. Heather's bumps and bruises along the way led her on the education quest that she now shares today with others through her biology-based approach to success. Heather says, “Knowledge Is superfluous without application. Just because we know what to do doesn’t mean we do what we know, we only do what we’ve practiced.” 

With her background in print and broadcast journalism, Heather capitalizes on her natural talents as a writer and speaker. Coupled with her training as a subconscious behaviorist and certified NLP coach to help folks identify their limiting beliefs about money, ability, and success, she parlays that into a program and strategy anyone can deploy for enhancing their current skills and achieving success. With the fruits of her labors, Heather also invests her time and resources towards responsible natural resource conservation, preserving personal and political freedom, furthering the philosophy of Objectivism, and liberating people from confinement due to illness through breeding and training of service dogs. Heather resides in Paradise Valley with her husband Fred and their service dog affectionately known as Big Z and in her spare time enjoys crocheting, shooting sports, and racing cars.

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